Artist Uncle M Releases Exclusive Mixtape To Boomdizzle.Com

Artist Uncle M Releases Exclusive
Mixtape To Boomdizzle.Com

LL Cool J’s online music community to bring new music directly to their fans

Mixtape will be available on July 21, 2009

“If you don’t respect balance, you’re gonna get violated.”
– Uncle M
07.21.2009 – New York, NY – LL Cool J and Boomdizzle Networks today announced that they are joining forces with Uncle M to bring an exclusive summer mixtape download, “People Respect Balance,” straight to the fans online at The mixtape will be available on July 21, 2009., a digital music and entertainment distribution online social community, will exclusively distribute the 19 track mixtape by Uncle M, providing them as full-track downloads to users.

Uncle M’s Mix Tape
Available Now Only On Boomdizzle.Com
Track 1 Track 8 Track 15
Track 2 Track 9 Track 16
Track 3 Track 10 Track 17
Track 4 Track 11 Track 18
Track 5 Track 12 Track 19
Track 6 Track 13
Track 7 Track 14
Uncle M
“The purpose of a mixtape is like the trailer of your own movie,” says Uncle M, “You get to be no holds barred on a mix tape. You ain’t gotta follow no guidelines.” Why the title, People Respect Balance? Says Uncle M, “If you don’t respect balance, you’re gonna get Violated.”

While currently signed to Violator Management, Uncle M recognizes the importance for independent artists to have an outlet like for their music, “When you’re doin’ certain things on the Internet, people are buying into your character. They gotta feel you, they gotta feel where you’re coming from – let them know the ups and the downs that you have, so they can just feel you as a person and as an artist.”

The release with Uncle M includes integrated Web promotions, as well as giving LL Cool J and Uncle M’s fans the ability to follow the release of the mixtape through the interactive pages at and on social networking sites such as

Hailing from East New York, Uncle M is no stranger to life on the streets. It is his candid portrayal of the tumultuous New York nightlife that has garnered him with a significant buzz as a genuine MC. While born Leonard Grant, the Brooklyn native was initially known by members of his neighborhood as L.G. or L-Murder. He gained the moniker “Uncle” from local children in his neighborhood projects whom he would generously give money. After teaming up with acclaimed mixtape DJ’s Green Lantern and Clue in 2006, Uncle was soon offered a record deal in 2007 by Jay-Z personally through Roc-A-Fella Records. Since, He has gained mainstream attention with his hit single “Bullet Bullet” and his street anthem “Run the City.” Currently, Uncle M is working on a new mixtape, hosted by DJ Enuff which is set to be released later this summer.

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