LL Cool J and Boomdizzle.com Announce Top Finalists in “All-Star Competition” To Find The Next Great Artist

LL Cool J and Boomdizzle.com Announce Top Finalists in “All-Star Competition” To Find The Next Great Artist

Winner to receive single deal & exclusive performance with LL Cool J

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New York, NY (May 7, 2009) – LL Cool J and Boomdizzle Networks today announced the top finalists in their first annual “Boomdizzle All-Star Competition.” The Grand Prize-winner will win a one-single deal and the opportunity to perform on-stage with LL Cool J.

People are encouraged to visit www.Boomdizzle.com/allstarfinalists to vote for their favorite song. Everyone who votes will get the chance to win two tickets to meet and see LL Cool J perform at the T-Mobile Grammy Celebration on May 28 in New York City. Voting is open now until May 21.

The Grand Prize-winner will be announced on May 23 when they walk on stage to perform with LL Cool J at the Jubilee Cityfest in Montgomery, Alabama. The winner will be chosen by fans and the Boomdizzle “All-Star” panel including LL Cool J, Marley Marl, DJ Cut Creator and the Violator management team.

Additionally, the grand-prize winner’s single will be available for free download to the first 1,000 people on Boomdizzle.com, a digital music and entertainment distribution online social community, beginning May 23 and will later be available for purchase on iTunes.

“There is nothing better at this time in my career than to give aspiring artists a platform to be heard,” said LL Cool J, music icon and co-founder of Boomdizzle Networks. “Today’s music industry is driven by the fans, so go vote on Boomdizzle and help pick the next great artist.”

The top finalists are:

Atlanta, GA:

Jino featuring Sheena T “Turning Me On!”

Boston, MA:

Retrospek “So Cold”

Bozeman, MT:

Tha Jessta “Feed yo desire”

Charlotte, NC:

Rudy Burnum “Sweet Thang”

Chicago, IL:

brandUn DeShay “Tag, Youre It”

Cincinnati, OH

IAG “Killing For No Reason”

Cracow, Poland

Simon K “Listen Remix”

Detroit, MI

Squeak “My Dreams”

Fredericksburg, VA:

YoungCraze “Boomdizzle All-Star”

Glen Burie, MD

Mark D’Mitri “The Rain”

Hempstead, NY:

Dave Danger “Tornado”

Kansas City, MO:


Lima, OH:

DEM OHIO BOYZ “Where They Do Dat At”

Little Rock, AR:

6 Feet Deep “Sexual Healing”

Los Angeles, CA:

Nutso “Jealous”

Ease “I’m Not Fussin With You”

C.O.A. Boyz “Rain’d On”

Zshatwa “Girls Ride Too”

JSPIKES featuring K Stewart “Wish I Could B With You”

New Haven, CT:

Charmz “Valentine”

New York, NY:

Marke Flame “59/50”

Mr. Meredith “Yahtzee”

Orlando, FL:

2Shae “I think I’m in love”

L.A.T boyz “Lifetime Plans”

Phoenix, AZ:

Macey Couture featuring Probz “Finer Thangz!$”

Golden featuring C-Note “p.i.m.p.”

Portland, OR

ISSA “Another Day In Paradise”

Poughkeepsie, NY

Theory “Change”

Queens, NY:

Bakery Brad “Over by Da Rock”

W.Y.Z.E. “Black Beautiful”

Richmond, VA:

The Agent “A.G.E.N.T.D.A.N.C.E”

Rockford, IL

Tizzy “Hennessy”

Spring Valley, NY:

AC Legend “Mother Hip Hop”

Tifton, GA:

Traebeanz “On Everything”

Washington, DC:

Johnnie Boom “More Than A Man”

Woonsocket, RI:

Slik “The One”

Boomdizzle is a multi-million dollar, digital music and entertainment venture which provides a world-wide digital platform for existing and new artists to create, promote, perform, and distribute music and entertainment. By providing all of the services traditionally offered by major entertainment labels, Boomdizzle gives every artist the opportunity to become the next superstar.

Want to be famous?  Visit www.boomdizzle.com to see if you have what it takes.  Also, check out our promo video for the first Boomdizzle All-Star Competition.  Remember, one of our finalists is going to get their chance to

Perform on stage with LL Cool J on May 23rd

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