DJ Cut Creators' Top 10 Downloads

DJ Cut Creator Top Ten

DJ Cut Creator’s Boomdizzle Weekly Top Ten Downloads:

Turning Me On!

1. Turning Me On! by SheenaT

Dear Lord

2. Dear Lord by Big El

Cali Is Da Place

3. Cali Is Da Place by Skavngr

Concrete Jungle

4. Concrete Jungle by Trufull

On Everythang

5. On Everythang by Traebeanz

Set U Free

6. Set U Free by Stress


7. Steel by Bigg Tubbs

Don\'t Shine

8. Don\’t Shine by DATBOINICE

Pop Back (feat. Kilo kapanel & Doe-boy

9. Pop Back (feat. Kilo kapanel & Doe-boy by Kilo Kapanel


10. R.I.P. by Young G.

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