DJ Cut Creator's Weekly Top 10

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DJ Cut Creator’s
Boomdizzle Weekly Top Ten Downloads:

You Feel Me Right

1. You Feel Me Right
by Mar-Var

Take 5

2. Take 5
by Blair Perkins

Came Along Way

3. Came Along Way
by J Da Chosen


4. Gone
by Golden AKA Phoenix

Kill You Again

5. Kill You Again
by Cleve-Nice

Let’s Flee

6. Let’s Flee
by Johnnie Boom

8th Wonder (The Most Anticipated)

7. 8th Wonder (The Most Anticipated)
by God’s Son

Just the Game

8. Just the Game
by Marke Flame

Good Thang

9. Good Thang
by Macey Couture

All About U

10. All About U
by Blaze feat. C.Willz

Stay tuned every week for DJ Cut Creator’s Top 10.  Make sure to upload your tracks, and you might make next week’s “cut”.

Peace in all you do.



“There is nothing better at this time in my career than to give everyone a shot at greatness,” said LL Cool J. “The next superstars are out there. It is our goal to find them. Boomdizzle has partnered with DefJam to provide the opportunity for every kid with a dream to see if they have what it takes. Do you have it?”

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